Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter at The Beach

So far our first Winter in Port Aransas is amazing.  There is something about the beach that makes each day better. Our beaches are clean and beautiful.  The City of Port Aransas takes great care of its beaches.  Although we are in the middle of winter, it is not so bad here.  We had a weekend of 70 degree days.  The water was beautiful.  I could sit by the water for hours.  It is peaceful - the sounds, the waves, and even the way the birds nose dive trying to catch their lunch.  We watched a fisherman catch a trout in the surf.  A group of teenagers were playing football.  A small group worked on their sandcastle skills.  I am not as brave as several children we saw playing in the water.  The current water temperature has reached mid-50s.  I remember being young when cold water did not affect my desire to swim, but I want to believe I am older and wiser now.  In a couple of months we will all be back in the water, but for now I will enjoy our beach and be an observer.